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The French students in Portsmouth !

During 1997/8 year.

Céline, Jérémy, Laurence, Nicolas C., Nicolas S., Rachel, Rosalie, & Julien.

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Celine's photo. On this picture, she's sader than she use to be.
Firstname: Céline.
Studies domain: Economy.
Hobbies: Skiing, sailing, colony animation (children), reading.
Town of origin: St-Chamond (near Lyon).

Jérémy's photo Firstname: Jérémy.
Studies domain: Computer science.
Hobbies: Music, cinema, genetic, commerce, religion (protestant) ...
Town of origin: Le Havre (Normandy).

Laurence's photo Firstname: Laurence.
Studies domain: Buisiness.
Hobbies: visiting England.
Town of origin: Caen (Normandy).

Nicolas's photo Firstname: Nicolas (C.).
Studies domain: Economy.
Hobbies: music (pop-rock inde), cinema, sports (mountain bike, bodyboard, snowboard).
Town of origin: Saint-Etienne (South of France - near Lyon).

Nicolas's photo Firstname: Nicolas (S.).
Studies domain: Computer science.
Hobbies: Hacking (Unix), techno music (Hard Core).
Town of origin: Pouilley les Vignes (near Besançon, between Strasbourg & Lyon).

Rachel's photo. Firstname: Rachel.
Studies domain: Economy.
Hobbies: listening to music, reading.
Town of origin: St-Etienne (near Lyon).

Photo de Rosalie Firstname: Rosalie.
Studies domain: Marketing.
Hobbies: Music, Shopping, Voyages.
Town of origin: Orléans (45 Loiret-Centre).

Julien's photo Firstname: Julien.
Studies domain: Computer Science.
Hobbies: Computer science, cinema musics, cinema, sports (judo, basket, tennis).
Town of origin: Beaumont-le-Roger (Normandy).
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