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Wanna learn HTML?

! If you want to learn HTML language, you just have to look the source of this page ("View" menu).

Example of menu using anchors (#), just click and you will be on:

  1. Fonts styles.
  2. Titles.
  3. Line feeds and tabulations.
  4. Images insertion.
  5. Buttons, radio, options, text areas, ...
  6. Other links about HTML.

The anchors are kinds of marks into pages.

Any special characters: é è ê à ô ù ç æ ï ñ < > & ­ _   _ © ®

If you want to come back to my welcome page, just click !

If you want to ask me question(s) or just send me an E-mail ...

Different ways to display your messages:

Big & Small
Emphased (EM)
Keyboard (KBD)
Literal characters (SAMP)
Struct out text (STRIKE)
Strong emphasis (STRONG)
Variable name (VAR)
Subline & supline: i0 & n2

Bold (B)
Italic (I)
Fixed-width (TT)
Underlined (U)

PixEye's E-mail (ADDRESS):
  Name		(PRE)	!	Nickname
  Julien M.		!	PixEye
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The different title levels:





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Different "tags" to display text:

BR is used
to feed back.
DD and /DL
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Different ways to insert a text near a picture:

Will SmithWith ALIGN="Top"

Will SmithWith ALIGN="Middle"

Will SmithWithout anything (in the bottom)

Will Smith Clicable picture (the link <A> is arround).

Will Smith Clicable picture with a mapping (only on his face).

Un cercle Un rectangle Le reste Back to the top of the page.

Different types of buttons and the text areas:

Text input area:

Password enquirie:

Check boxes: Opt 1 Opt 2

Radio buttons: Not answered Ok Not ok

Enter your age (necessary):

Combo box:

Text area:

Submission button: Reset button:

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Different addresses about the HTML:

Pages of examples and documentation:

HTML editors:

Boîte à outils

Other tools for your Web:

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