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Want to learn HTML?

! If you want to learn HTML language, you just have to look the source of this page ("View" menu).

HTML: stands for HyperText Markup Language. Markup means it supports tags and it is a cousin of XML.
It supports text with hyperlinks to the same or other web pages.

Example of menu using anchors (#), just click and you will be on:

  1. Fonts styles.
  2. Titles.
  3. Line feeds and tabulations.
  4. Tables.
  5. Images insertion.
  6. Forms with: buttons, radio, options, text areas, ...
  7. Other links about HTML.

The anchors are kinds of marks into pages.

Few special characters: é è ê à ô ù ç æ ï ñ < > « " » & ­ _   _ © ®

If you want to come back to my welcome page, just click !

Different ways to display your messages:

Big & Small
Emphased (EM)
Keyboard (KBD)
Literal characters (SAMP)
Struct out text (DEL)
Strong emphasis (STRONG)
Variable name (VAR)
Subline & supline: i0 & n2

Bold (B)
Italic (I)
Fixed-width (class="tt")
Underlined (U)

PixEye's E-mail (ADDRESS):
      Name (PRE)	!	Nickname
      Julien M.		!	PixEye
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The different title levels:





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Different "tags" to display text:

BR is used
to feed back.
DD and /DL
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Tables or grid in HTML

Results: Inputs Outputs Balance
Quarter #1 results: 24,000.00 18,000.00 6,000.00
Quarter #2 results: 27,000.00 17,000.00 10,000.00
Totals: 51,000.00 35,000.00 16,000.00

So we can make nice grids too! (-;

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Different ways to insert a text near a picture:

Will SmithWith CSS class="top"

Will SmithWith CSS class="middle"

Will SmithWithout anything (in the bottom)

Will Smith Clicable picture: the link tag (A) is arround the image tag (IMG).

Will Smith Clicable picture with a mapping (only on his face).

Un cercle Un rectangle Back to the top of the page.

Different types of buttons and the text areas:

Text input area:

Password enquirie:

Check boxes: Opt 1 Opt 2

Radio buttons: Not answered Ok Not ok

Enter your age (necessary):

Combo box:

Text area:

Submission button: Reset button:

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Different addresses about the HTML:

Pages of examples and documentation:

HTML editors:


Other tools for your Web:

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